• Special Note
  • Dear Friend(s),


    Greetings from the Bhoruka Family!


    It’s been our pleasure to be a part of the robust Indian aluminium extrusion industry for more than 38 years and maintain as one of the most trusted names in the sector. We are now entering a new phase in our three-decades-old history and are very excited for the vast opportunities that await us.


    On March 01, 2013, YKK Holding Asia Pte. Ltd. (member of YKK Group) had entered into a formal agreement with Bhoruka Aluminium Limited (“BAL”) for transfer of its aluminium extrusion business. This transaction was subsequently completed on 31st May 2013, pursuant to which the entire aluminium extrusion division of BAL along with all existing employees was transferred to a newly formed entity, Bhoruka Facades Pvt Ltd (“BFPL), which is now part of the YKK group.


    YKK is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fastening products and also architectural products that include aluminium windows, doors, railings and many other innovative products for various sectors. The group has presence in 71 countries across the globe via 109 affiliated companies and is driven by a dedicated workforce of 39,000 employees.


    YKKs philosophy is the Cycle of Goodness – “No one prospers unless he renders benefit to others” and it fully embodies this in each and every activity. It undertakes to seek corporate value of higher significance by building trust, transparency and respect for all our stakeholders and the society at large.


    In our continuing endeavor to serve our customers better, we have changed the name of the company to Bhoruka Extrusions Pvt Ltd (“BEPL”), effective 15th October 2013. The core focus of the company is to provide quality extrusions and related services to all our customers and contribute positively to your growth and that of the Indian aluminium extrusion industry. We will continue to focus on the principles of innovation, steady and sustainable growth and commitment to launch a variety of customized and competitive products jointly with you.


    In our quest to do so, we will continuously strive to be the best at what we do and we will need your support and guidance as we move forward along this exciting journey.


    Our name might have changed, but our values have not. The visual identity might have changed, but the focus remains the same. We promise that our standards and services will always remain impeccable and we will continue to work towards establishing a value-creating relationship with you and your firm.



    Thank You,

    Sincerely yours,




    Tetsumi Mugita

    Managing Director

    Bhoruka Extrusions Pvt Ltd

    #1, KRS Road, Metagalli, Mysore