• Order Process
  • Product Description

    Bhoruka Extrusions products consist of solid aluminium sections up to 254mm CCD and hollow aluminium section up to 230mm CCD are commonly produced. Dimensional tolerances match Indian standards, British standards and AA standards. Special tolerances are as per specifications agreed upon.


    Bhoruka Extrusions is a major producer of structural extrusions for doors, windows, vents, shop fronts, louvers, rolling shutters, ladders, curtain walls, glazing, partitions etc. The company excels in the manufacture of special extrusions for application in water purifiers, small electric motors, computers, electronics equipment, modular racks, exibition stalls, moulded luggage, conservatories, sprinkler irrigation systems etc.

    Apart from the above the company has developed special sections for use in micro light aircraft, heat sink for cryogenic engines and many others depending upon the customers requirements.

    The steps are mentioned below:

    1 (a). You can choose an existing design from the e-catalogue and send us an enquiry directly through this software OR

    1 (b). You can send us your customized drawing directly at enquiries@bhorukaextrusions.com

    2. On receipt of your drawing, our feasibility team will get back to you with required changes, if any

    3. Upon your approval of our counter-drawing and payment of die deposit, we will initiate the die manufacturing process and e-mail you an estimated sample submission date

    4. On the date of sample dispatch, we will send you a confirmation e-mail along with the tracking number

    5. Upon approval of the sample, we will then request for your valuable PO along with the payment terms as decided

    6. We will then schedule your PO in our SAP system and send you a Sale Order (SO) confirmation number, which can be utilized for tracking purposes

    7. Within 7 Business Days of SO release you can send an e-mail to orderstatus@bhorukaextrusions.com with the SO number mentioned in the confirmation e-mail for quick and updated status

    For more information, please visit www.bhorukaextrusions.com